Data base management

We are aware of the importance of data for a company, we have a team of specialized professionals whom will help you manage data correctly to ensure proper use and analysis.

Administration systems

We have packages that bring together applications in the Administrative, Financial, Legal, Legal and many more areas; related to the public / private sector taking advantage of the software on the web.

Development of movile applications

We have a working group in the development of mobile applications, adaptable to all mobile devices and existing operating systems.


Develop and market high quality web software and tech products.


By 2020, EYELINE looks forward to establish itself as a web software development leading company in Colombia and a great competitor at international level; aditionally a we want to become into an advanced solutions company and a benchmark in the market

We constantly worry about giving our developments the excellence that our users deserve.

We are dedicated to constantly produce results that exceed the expectations of our users.

We value our work and our customers providing them with the best of our products.