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What are we?

It’s an initiative that comes up from experiencing how economic models have affected the world in recent years; a clear example of this is the financial crisis of 2008. This has allowed us to think of alternative business models within the reach of those who see beyond what traditional economic models impose today. As a company, our priority is to give shape to individualized developments that makes easy its process according to our client’s needs.

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We develop computer applications for web contexts individualized to your needs, with the possibility of offering different user profiles and access restrictions that allow each person to obtain the appropriate information at the right time. The web applications developed can be part of an Intranet or be public access through the global Internet network.


Consulting services systems offered by EYELINE comprise different computer engineering services; We analyze exhaustively the requirements of your company, looking for solutions that best suits your needs. EYELINE offers to your company a comprehensive consulting service system.


Using multiple software development methods that focus attention on agility and adaptability in our environment, our team of experts deploys software solutions in record time, with a quality for great projects that statistically can be called "world class".



Eyeline Business and Development brings you a digital ecosystem that offers you mobile and web software solutions for the effective management of your digital assets. We think about the development of friendly tools that we can all access. And that enhance the lifestyle of the current consumer. With the solutions we develop for you, you will be able to cover each and every one of the challenges that the emerging sector of digital financial assets demands of you. We accompany you at all times from the acquisition of your first digital asset, until the moment of investing it and / or converting it into fiduciary money. Eyeline Business and Development builds its tools with the aim of adding value to the daily life of our users and thus they can invest their time in what really matters.